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NRI Property Lawyers in Delhi - Raj & Kanwar

Raj and Kanwar Legal Advisors India LLP is a specialised law firm that exclusively offers NRI Property Lawyers in Delhi to the NRI community and also assists NRIs in their property-related legal matters. We have been serving Non-residents of India and Residents of India for the last two decades in matters related to land and property disputes such as Partition of Land, and Transfer of Property. We deal with all NRI property disputes because we are a well-established name for NRI Property Lawyers in Delhi. Having gained experience in NRI Legal matters, our team is trained to handle property-related legal disputes arising in Delhi and across different cities in India, our confidence in providing quality services to NRI clients came from our years of specialised experience in property-related disputes.

Being a client-centric legal firm, we guarantee prompt communication with our clients, you can trust our expertise in handling NRI land and property disputes as we have experienced NRI Property Lawyers in Delhi. With the best available legal experience, we ensure that you are provided with the best NRI legal services in India for efficient resolution of any issue related to property while providing you with a team of international standards of excellence. We also take pride in calling ourselves experts in property-related matters as our team is among the best NRI Property Lawyers in Delhi.


A Passion For Justice, Our Practice Areas

Land & Property Disputes

NRI land & property disputes in India often arise as a common

Legal Heirship Certificate

A legal heirship certificateis an important certificate which is 

Transfer of Property

NRI Property Transfer in India regulated by the Transfer of 

Power of Attorney

The Indian Stamp Act lays down the rules related to the execution and 

Succession Certificate

An NRI Succession Certificate in India is a formal legal document

Partition of Property

NRI Property Transfer in India regulated by the Transfer of 

Out of Court Settlement

Out of court settlement services offered by 

Property Dispute Resolution

Property disputes can be a source of great stress and anxiety, 

Sale of Disputed Property

Sale of disputed property in India services by RK Legal Advisors

Property Management

RK Legal Advisors, a leading Indian legal and advisory firm,

Property Possession

NRI Property Possession in India is eagerly anticipated by owners.

Ancestral Property

An ancestral property refers to the property inherited from one’s 

Delhi's Property Law Simplified: Why Choose RK Legal Advisors?

Property law in Delhi is intricate, governed by acts like the Transfer of Property Act, 1981, and the Registration Act, 1908. At RK Legal Advisors, we excel in property matters, offering effective and economical solutions driven by a compassionate client relationship.

Our dedicated team in Delhi collaborates with government departments to determine legal property ownership, ensuring your peace of mind.

Understanding the complexities faced by NRIs in managing property in India, we provide top-tier services through our adept Property Lawyers. Whether you’re an NRI dealing with property disputes, count on us for a swift resolution. We offer services in person, through our offices in Delhi, and virtually, globally.

In India, all property transactions must adhere to the Registration Act 1908. Some NRI clients have reported unprofessional treatment by their counsels. We advise NRI litigants to be cautious and choose us to represent and act on their behalf for property registration. Property-related disputes are inherently complex, and one wrong choice can result in irreparable losses.

RK Legal Advisors ensures that our NRI clients don’t face unnecessary troubles during the property registration process. Our team of lawyers for property registration expertly handles paperwork, guiding you with sound legal advice, safeguarding your interests and investments.

Securing Your Rights and Interests..!

There have been incidents where the property belonging to NRI is encroached on or has been illegally acquired by somebody without the proper authorization. At RK Advisors we offer clients honest dealings with full accountability. Our team NRI Legal is a specialized legal wing comprising reputed Best Property dispute Lawyers in Delhi.

Like any other owner, the NRIs also want to stay updated with records of properties that prove their ownership of the property our motive is to secure the rights and interests of our NRI clients so that we can reduce the risk of legal issues for you by providing our best property dispute lawyers in Delhi.

NRIs also face property disputes such as title over immovable property disputes related to inherited property, succession Issues, and ownership, our team is acclaimed for resolving all NRI matters, and we at RK Legal advisors make litigation in various lower courts in Delhi and High Court easy for you through our dedicated property lawyers in Delhi High Court.

Our Legal team evaluates each legal matter for its merits in a systematic manner to devise an actionable plan and our expertise is to act quickly on your behalf, we aim to make the legal process easy for you and help you avoid unnecessary travel. Our team at RK legal includes experienced property lawyers in Delhi High Court who have represented NRI clients in property related litigation.

The comprehensive legal guidance is provided by our team to NRI clients whose properties are situated in the Delhi NCR region. In India, property law is not governed just by a single Act, and to deal with several property issues we provide you with an experienced NRI Property Advocate in Delhi who also happens to be our Senior Partner. 

NRI Property Litigation Excellence..!

We envision ourselves working to safeguard your rights and interests. All the experience we have in property-related matters has strengthened our professionalism which eventually has also led our dedicated team to attain excellence in serving NRI clients over a while through our Real Estate Lawyers in Delhi.

As a team, we also aim to provide you variety of services in the real estate sector such as residential, commercial, and industrial properties, and to advise you with respect to the sale, purchase, and lease of properties. Our team is composed of brilliant Real Estate Lawyers in Delhi because we believe that our NRI clients shall not be deceived by fraudulent practices that are floating in the Real Estate Sector

At RK Legal, our dedicated professionals work tirelessly, providing round-the-clock support to shield our NRI clients from legal hassles, unnecessary advice, and litigation costs. We prioritize our customers and implement the ‘The Right Information at the Right Time to Show The right Direction’ approach, upheld by our committed NRI Property dispute lawyers in Delhi.

With a collective experience of over 25+ years, our experts skill fully manage and resolve property disputes. Our singular strategy is winning, and it’s the result of the relentless efforts put in by our NRI property dispute lawyers in Delhi over the years.

Our services and advocates can be reached through our dedicated website where we ensure that you find the right type of property lawyer as per your requirement. We also believe in nurturing a compassionate relationship with our clientele. Case evaluations are free for property disputes in Delhi. As a dedicated legal firm, we provide experienced advocates, advisors, and other NRI Legal services for the last two decades to make your experience and legal journey hassle-free.

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Our mission and goal for every client is to provide exceptional, cost-effective, results oriented legal representation.


"Client" is our Focus. Our mission and goal for every client is to provide exceptional, cost-effective, results.


Single point of Contact. Our mission and goal for every client is to provide exceptional, cost-effective, results.


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We Have Your Best Interests in Mind..
RK Legal team helped us in getting copies of our ancestral property documents. Good work team.

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We Have Your Best Interests in Mind..
Professional law firm. Being NRI, I could not be in India for most of the time to follow nitty-gritty of the case. Mr Sharma & Mr Cheema ensured my property dispute was well represented to get the desired outcome. Well done team!

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We Have Your Best Interests in Mind..
Highly recommend them. Great guys. Keep up the good work you all are doing. Great Team!!!!! Awesome Experience with them for all the legal work they do.

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We are a team of practicing, certified indian lawyers, charted accountants, management personal etc. having a vast knowledge of Indian laws and experience in their respective field across India to provide best legal solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions !!

If you have a question about NRI property law, you are in the right place

Yes, an NRI can sell his/her residential or commercial property to either a person residing in India, another NRI or a person of Indian origin (PIO)

Yes, you can appoint someone as your attorney to sell your property in India.

Yes, you can claim Share in the Ancestral property in India?

Under Section 5 of the Specific Relief Act, a person who is dispossessed of his property can get possession by title. Under Section 6 of the Specific Relief Act, a person dispossessed may recover his right merely by proving previous possession and subsequent illegal dispossession.

Yes, a son is the joint owner of ancestral property and has the right to file a partition suit for his rightful share in the property. 

Yes, you can definitely sell the property in India.

Yes, you can file a case in India for your rights in a property without coming to India.

No it is not, it has to be got probated in the country where it was executed and subsequently a declaration has to filed in Indian court.

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